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Tesco puts its name to a budget 7-inch tablet in the UK - the £119 Hudl

Tesco today launches Hudl, a new 7 inch HD tablet that aims to open up a world of entertainment and connectivity to all. It has been designed by Tesco for its 20 million customers and more, focusing on accessibility and convenience.
With super-fast 1.5GHz quad-core processor and dual-band Wi-Fi, users will find Hudl a great companion for their needs, from films, music and TV through to staying in touch, learning new things, shopping and playing games. The scratch-resistant HD display screen is beautifully clear and with 243 pixels per inch, it's perfect for enjoying HD movies in 16:9 widescreen. It has up to 9 hour video battery life and 16GB of memory which can be extended to 48GB.
Hudl combines the best of Tesco with the Android Jellybean 4.2.2 operating system meaning that customers can access everything on Google and over a million apps.
Tesco designed and built the tablet from scratch, tailoring it around customer needs and ease of use. Hudl users can enjoy instant access to Tesco's full range of digital services, all in one place, through a convenient, dedicated launcher button. These include blinkbox movies and TV, music and Clubcard TV (which offers free films and TV programmes exclusively for Clubcard holders), banking and of course shopping for groceries, clothing, homeware and more.
Hudl comes in four colours and will be available to buy in store and online (on and Tesco Direct sites) from 30 September and will retail at £119. Hudl is about making Tesco customers' lives easier, so Tesco Clubcard holders will be able to buy it at an even better price. Hudl will be available on Clubcard Boost* where customers can double the value of their vouchers, meaning many will be able to buy it for less than £100.
According to OFCOM, three quarters of UK households do not have a tablet. Tesco's research found that many feel that the technology is too expensive or intimidating. So Tesco has entered the market to change that.
Tesco Chief Executive, Philip Clarke, comments, "Hudl is a colourful, accessible tablet for the whole family to enjoy. The first stage in our tablet offering, it's convenient, integrated and easy to use with no compromise on spec. Customers are quite rightly very discerning about the technology they buy so we knew we had to be competitive on all fronts."
"Being online is an increasingly essential part of family life and whilst tablets are on the rise, usage is still quite limited. We feel the time is right for Tesco to help widen tablet ownership and bring the fun, convenience and excitement of tablets to even more customers across the UK. The digital revolution should be for the many, not for the few."
The move is part of Tesco's multichannel strategy, ensuring that customers can shop whenever, however and wherever they want. It recognises the increasingly important role that smart phones and tablets are playing in people's lives and how they can make things easier.

In the digital age, customers are communicating, working, learning, browsing and consuming differently and Tesco, always an innovator, has been transforming its business accordingly. Tesco was first to introduce grocery home shopping and supermarket drive-thrus in the UK and built the world's first virtual store where commuters buy groceries via their mobile phones in South Korea. In its latest multichannel launch, Tesco wants to ensure as many customers as possible can access the benefits of a tablet, in a world that is increasingly online.
Hudl has been designed as a family tablet. When users switch it on for the first time, there is a screen which gives advice on how to put in place measures to protect children (please see details in notes below). There are also a range of Hudl accessories, including child-friendly headphones.
Specification detail:
· 7" 1440 x 900 HD screen
· Android Jellybean 4.2.2
· 16GB storage which can be expanded to 48GB with microSD cards.
· Quad-core 1.5GHZ processor
· 9 hours video battery life (Conditions may vary dependent on video format and content, audio volume, screen brightness and processor load)
· Micro-HDMI port
· Bluetooth 4.0, GPS
· Dual band Wi-Fi for a more stable connection
· Access to over a million apps via Google Play™
· Comes in 4 colours: black, blue, red, purple
· Wi-Fi only
· Sleek, high-quality design, with a durable, matte, soft-touch back for better grip
· Scratch resistant touch screen
· 'Getting started' app that offers tips and guidance

Hudl goes on sale in around 1000 Tesco stores and online from 30th September. A multi-media advertising campaign created with W+K begins on October 7th.
Tesco designed and built Hudl from scratch, tailoring it around what customers asked for. Tesco has worked with a manufacturing partner based in China to produce the tablet, which also manufactures well-known products for Microsoft, HP, Blackberry and Sony.
*Clubcard Boost is Tesco's voucher exchange programme which allows people to multiply the value of their Clubcard vouchers. There is no limit to the number of vouchers customers can boost. For more details please see:
Accessories include: Soft touch cases in 6 different colours at £15 each; 2 choices of leather cases at £20; earphones; a screen protector; an in car charger and Micro-HDMI to HDMI cable; bright bumper case and headphones designed especially for kids. All Hudl accessories are available as part of Clubcard Boost. Tesco has an extended range of other accessories which are all compatible with Hudl too.
Tesco has designed the device so to ensure that when they switch on the Hudl for the very first time, users receive the following guidance if they confirm their tablet will be used by children

Windows 8.1 To Get A Start Button Because Windows Is Dumb Without One

Good news! Microsoft super blogger Paul Thurrott details the return of the Start Button and the figurative demise of the Metro/smart tile/Start Page thing with Windows 8.1′s ability to boot right to Desktop, sidestepping the worst part of Windows 8. Best of all, as previously reported, Microsoft isn’t charging for these fixes.
There’s nothing better than the classics.

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 compared with other smart phones

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 which was just revealed looks underwhelmingly the same as the older Galaxy S III. During the Unpacked event, the main highlight was on its smart features on camera, voice commands, hand gestures and eye tracking.

With the hardware specs put side by side with other models including the latest Full HD Androids, iPhone 5, Lumia 920 and Z10, we noticed that there have been some improvements on the S 4′s dimensions.
While the Galaxy S 4 boasts a bigger Full HD screen at 5″, the height remains exactly the same as the current Galaxy S III at 136.6mm while at the same time, they have narrowed the width at just 69.8mm. The battery on the S 4 has been upgraded as well to 2,600mAh which is 300mAh 500mAh more than the old one but yet it is slimmer at 7.9mm and lighter at 130g. This means that the S 4 should be easier to hold in the hands.
While display is an improvement, being the first Full HD smart phone from Samsung, it loses out in terms of pixel density to HTC One, due to its smaller 4.7″ screen. In reality, at over 400ppi, it is really hard to differentiate which display has higher pixel density. All matters now would be the display quality especially viewing angles, brightness and contrast.

One obvious advantage which the Galaxy S 4 has over the likes of HTC One and Xperia Z would be its removable 2,600mAh battery. If we put the dimensions side by side, the Galaxy S 4 is actually shorter than the 4.7″ HTC One and it is just as slim as the Xperia Z’s 7.9mm thickness. Even with its extra 300mAh battery capacity, the Galaxy S 4 is at least 13 grams lighter as well which is rather impressive. For those that prefer the thinnest, lightest and shortest, the iPhone 5 is no contest at all with its super slim 7.6mm thickness and weighs just 112 grams.

So far Samsung hasn’t reveal much details on the variants available and based on their official spec sheet, there will be 2 models available. One will be running on a Quad Core 1.9GHz processor while the other on a Octa Core 1.6GHz processor. We are likely to get the Octa Core version in Malaysia.

Edit: As pointed out by reader min402, the Octa-Core set up in the Galaxy S 4 doesn’t mean all 8 cores are running simultaneously. Rather it has a dual set up of either Quad-Core A15 and Quad-Core A7 which switches depending on intensity of processing required.
In terms of OS version, the Galaxy S 4 runs the very latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Availability wise, Samsung has shared that it will be launching with 327 operators in 155 countries by end of April.