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Cara Matikan Auto Play Video Pada Facebook

Cara Matikan Auto Play Video Pada Facebook. Lakukan Ini Untuk Jimatkan Data Anda!

Baru-baru ini Facebook telah mengemaskini fungsi pada paparan Newsfeed pengguna Facebook. Di mana setiap video yang dipaparkan pada newsfeed akan dimainkan secara automatik.

Jika anda tercari-cari bagaimana cara mematikan fungsi ini, ikuti cara berikut.

Matikan Auto Play Facebook Pada Desktop

1. Pergi ke setting  Facebook.
2. Masuk ke option tepi paling bawah sekali. "Video"

3. Jika setting anda "default" tukarkan kepada 'off"

Cara Matikan Auto Play Video Facebook pada Smartphone

1. Pergi ke setting sebelah kanah aplikasi Facebook anda. Masuk ke App Setting
2. Kemudian, matikan setting "video play automatically"

Tadaaa.. dengan ini jimatlah sikit data yang anda gunakan.

How to identify your smartphone/cellphone is FAKE OR REAL !!!

How to open a can of carbonated drink without spilling water all over the place

Okay, the scenario is, you've just bought a can of carbonated drinks and your child aged 5 to vigorously shook the can. what is your action? Plow your cute child ? Do not! it is sinful! All you have to do is tap a few times on the side of the can drink and when you open it, InsyaAllah you will stay dry. Style is'nt it? Watch the video below if you do not believe it!

The easiest way to uninstall malware

If your blog attacked by malware, which are as below, please follow the following ways to get rid of the malware attack. 

You must get this kind of message when you enter your blog url! This means your site is infected with malware from other blogs.

To get rid of this malware, This is the step-by-step tutorial to remove this malware from your blog.
  1. Log In > Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML
  2. Tick Expand Widget Template
  3. Press on keyboard Ctrl+F, then type (malware link spread to blog)
  4. If you've found the link, delete the malware link. Preview the your blog page before you save the action.